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Why Buy Season Tickets?

Enjoy some Beautiful benefits when you order season tickets!

7 and 8 show season tickets now available

  • The best seats at the best price.

    Don't wait and pay more for less desireable seats.  Lock your price and great location in with season tickets.
  • Extended Payments! 

    Only $25 per season ticket saves your seats.  Payment plan available through March 2016.

  • Two show swap! 

    Trade two of your season shows for anything else coming next season.**
  • Unlimited free exchange

    for another performance of the same show.***

  • Great seats for friends and family to more blockbuster shows

    when you add additional tickets to your season order.

  • Purchase Priority

    for new shows added throughout the year.****



* Credit card required.

** When you receive your season tickets late this summer, you may swap one of your shows for any other shows coming to our theaters. You’ll be refunded or asked to pay the difference if the shows you swap into are priced differently that your season shows.  PLEASE NOTE:  Swap requests must be made no less than 7 days prior to the show you're swapping out of.

*** Exchanges are not available within 3 days (72 hours) of your scheduled performance.  Please exchange within allowed window to give us adequate time to resell the ticket.

**** An order form for additional tickets will arrive with your Season Ticket Confirmation once we receive your order. If you provided an email address, we’ll also email you with a link to buy.

Purchase Your

Season Tickets

To purchase by phone, call 704-335-1010