Relaxed Performances and Events

Relaxed Events are open, welcoming, and accessible to all who want to experience shows and other events in a comfortable and low key style. Relaxed Events will have slight adaptations to offer anyone, including those with autism and developmental, sensory or communication differences, a way to engage with the art in whatever way feels good to them. 

When attending a Relaxed Event, you may experience:

  • Lower volume levels and/or reduction of sudden sounds
  • Slight lighting modifications to decrease extreme visual stimulus
  • Flexibility to enter and exit during the event
  • Calm zones right outside of the experience for guests to take a break if needed
  • Activity areas in the lobby with sensory play
  • Professional teaching staff on hand to gently support wandering, defensive or quiet guests
  • A judgement-free “no shushing” experience where you’re free to wiggle, talk, laugh, and otherwise engage freely with the experience at your comfort level
  • The normal "rules" of theatregoer do not apply, such as having to keep quiet, be still, or only express your enjoyment by clapping

For more information on our Relaxed Events and what to expect, email You can prepare for your visit with social stories and other tools by visiting our Free Resources page.

Upcoming Relaxed Events: