Posted: Apr 4, 2022

Assistant Technical Production Manager

Company: Blumenthal Performing Arts

Salary Range: Salary Grade 12

Position Summary

The Assistant Technical Production Manager assists all other departmental personnel in managing the theatrical systems that support the Performing Arts Center stages and backstage areas and manages all of the theaters theatrical systems. Theatrical systems include electrical systems, audio/visual equipment, networking, and rigging systems. This position is responsible for purchasing, installing, maintaining, operating, and disassembling technical production equipment and coordinating onstage and backstage activities with other departments, external clients and organizations for events and activities. This position requires 40+ hours weekly including work primarily at night, on weekends, and holidays Under the Technical Production Director, the Assistant Technical Production Manager will work in collaboration with all staff and departments as necessary to:


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Manage a wide range of projects both theatrical and non-theatrical
  • Manage theatrical systems including production of venue and event paperwork using industry standard applications
  • Conceptualize, install, inventory, operate, and service theatrical equipment systems and infrastructures both theatrical and non-theatrical
  • Supervise stage/technical crew members, interns, and other employees as necessary and provide oversight of stage, sound, and lighting equipment for events and activities
  • Meet with clients, vendors, and other departmental personnel to discuss requirements for projects and events
  • Assist in determining budgets, coordinating equipment, labor requirements, schedules, and review contracts, etc. for projects and events
  • Assist with all technical needs at theaters both theatrical and non-theatrical
  • Ensure compliance with applicable Blumenthal Performing Arts policies, procedures, regulations and standards for quality and safety
  • Responsible for completion of all necessary internal and external paperwork including daily reports, payroll reports, contract and rider review, blueprints, etc.
  • Responsible for coordinating the purchasing of equipment and offering vendor negotiations and relations support
  • Observe, stay up to date with, and follow industry accepted best practices
  • Perform other duties as required


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  • Advanced theatrical systems knowledge
  • Experience with AutoCAD, Vectorworks, or Lightwright design software and ability to produce paperwork as needed
  • Experience with Microsoft Office applications including Outlook, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, and use of cloud-based file sharing
  • Lighting systems/equipment familiarity (ETC Ion, ETC Gio@5, GrandMA) and industry standard lighting equipment operating experience including patching, channeling, programming, and troubleshooting using industry standard practices
  • Audio systems/equipment familiarity (DigiCo, Midas, Behringer, Shure, Sennheiser, Lectrosonic) and working knowledge of signal flow and basic troubleshooting
  • Ability to understand and troubleshoot theatrical system issues including signal flow, digital and analog systems, and networking systems.
  • Verbal, numerical, and spatial aptitude
  • Experience with Q-Lab programming and operations
  •  Basic understanding of projection and video equipment including HD, SDI, DVI, and HDCP as it relates to video connections
  • Time management and the ability to coordinate and delegate responsibilities
  • Budgeting and resource management
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Data Conception and Interpretation
  • Project management skills
  • Motor Coordination and the ability to lift 50 lbs or more with proper lifting tools, or with other team members 
  • Ability to climb a ladder, operate aerial work platforms, and ability to comfortably work at varying heights


  • Bachelor’s degree in Technical Theater and a minimum of five years’ experience working professionally in a venue technical management position for a large multi-theater venue that both produces events and supports touring shows.
  • An equivalent combination of education, training and experience that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities may be accepted in lieu of a bachelor’s degree
  • Crowd management certification preferred
  • OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 certification preferred
  • COVID-19 vaccination required

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