Posted: Apr 30, 2021

Vice President of Development

Company: Blumenthal Performing Arts

The Vice President, Development reports to the President & CEO and will have two broad areas of fundraising oversight:

  • Develop and implement effective annual fundraising strategies that enhance existing contributed revenue streams including membership, annual giving, corporate sponsorship (collaborating as appropriate with the Marketing team), philanthropic grant proposal development (collaborating as appropriate with the Education team and others) and similar annual fundraising initiatives.
  • Working very closely with the President & CEO, capture new ideas that facilitate innovative special projects and social entrepreneurship opportunities for the organization and then articulate, package and present those opportunities to potential donors.

A key factor contributing to the success of the Vice President will be the ability to collaborate with the President & CEO and other colleagues to fully articulate the organization’s potential and to develop effective outreach and campaign strategies that connect with individual and institutional donors. As part of this effort, the Vice President will work with his/her team to continually improve fundraising support infrastructure and ensure that the organization can respond quickly, effectively, creatively and contextually to new opportunities while also supporting annual operating needs.   


Immediate Priorities:

The Vice President’s immediate priorities are to:

  • Thoroughly understand the organization – its history, culture, performances, scope of programs, partners, constituencies, and potential for local, regional and national impact; understand its base of financial support and the short and long-term funding requirements of all areas of the organization.
  • Thoroughly understand the President & CEOs approach to social entrepreneurship and develop a methodology to proactively capture new ideas, identify ways to fully leverage those ideas locally, regionally and/or nationally, and translate those opportunities to the aspirations of donors.
  • Immediately assess the status of existing fundraising infrastructure. Review and enhance the fundraising plan for annual support and current objectives. Begin building a strong development team to fill identified gaps in expertise and capacity. 
  • Learn about staff and board leaders that are (or can become) actively involved in fundraising and refine the roles of each; develop a strong relationship with the President & CEO, various members of the Board, and staff throughout the organization. 
  • Understand and clarify standards for membership, stewardship, donor recognition, and institutional sponsorship, including standards for use of logos, brands, naming and other recognition opportunities.

Major Responsibilities:

Counted among the responsibilities of the Vice President will be:

  • In collaboration with the President & CEO, define and continually upgrade a systematic fundraising plan that addresses the needs and concerns of each prospective donor, segmented by type (individual, business,  foundation), level (subscription levels, various major gift levels, planned giving), and restricted for specific purposes, including education initiatives, programming and endowment.
  • Participate in long-range strategic planning as part of the senior management team. The development department must be creative and responsive in crafting focused fundraising plans to raise adequate support for an increasingly ambitious artistic and social impact agenda.
  • Evaluate current processes and systems that support fundraising initiatives and donor recognition; ensure that information systems are scaled to need and are properly maintained and used, including a continued high-level use of the data management system.
  • Provide support to the Board Development Committee; working with President & CEO, help to set  gift acceptance policies and practices, and help attract and train new board members.
  • Travel, when appropriate, with the President & CEO to NYC and abroad on donor cultivation/educational trips. Leverage opportunities to inspire donors through exposure to artistic experiences and unique educational opportunities facilitated by the President & CEO’s extensive network in the arts.
  • Oversee the involvement, identification, training and support of Board and other fundraising volunteers; guide the efforts and strategies for volunteers, Board members, community advisors and committees in the solicitation process and support Board development efforts.
  • Recruit, retain and manage a team of development professionals and consultants who possess the appropriate donor cultivation, marketing/sponsorship, annual giving, membership and institutional giving skills and experiences.
  • Establish work plans, performance objectives, and goals for team members and regularly review performance, professional development and training to achieve those goals.
  • Aggressively implement a structured program for major gift and individual fundraising, including social impact investing, and for fostering strong relationships with targeted individual and institutional donor constituencies, involving where appropriate the President & CEO, Board members, other senior executives, artists and performers.
  • Assist in the development of materials that tell the organization’s story to donors and individual prospects, the community, government leaders, local, national and international influencers.
  • Collaborate with the President & CEO and colleagues in the preparation of annual operating plans and budgets, incorporating fundraising projections into the budget of the organization.
  • Advance a unified view of donors and potential donors that incorporates information on ticket buying and giving habits for all constituents, and share this view with other members of the management team. Strengthen the stewardship and donor recognition program for individual donors, with the objective of establishing life-long, planned giving and even intergenerational relationships between donors, their families and Blumenthal Performing Arts.
  • Working with the marketing team, develop and implement consistent guidelines for sponsorship that will preserve the integrity of the Blumenthal Performing Arts brand and enhance its institutional identity as one of the leading performing arts presenters/venues in North America.
  • Engage in direct donor solicitations as appropriate and most effective with the support of other staff, the President & CEO, and members of the Board.
  • In conjunction with the President & CEO, the development team, and the programming, production, education and marketing teams when appropriate, develop a comprehensive plan for all annual special events.


The ideal candidate will possess the following experience and skills:

  • Significant nonprofit fundraising experience with an innovative and entrepreneurial bent.
  • A record of personal success in raising money through major gifts from individuals, businesses, foundations, corporations or the public sector; broad-based knowledge of various development activities including: membership, direct mail, proposal and grant development, planned giving, event planning and management, direct solicitations, leveraging fundraising databases and support systems for donor segmentation, research and volunteer management.
  • Ability to navigate a complex fundraising environment with nuanced strategies and initiatives, while building an effective group of volunteer fundraisers through board development and annual fund committee activity, and gaining respect of community and business leaders and the board.
  • A broad knowledge of branding and external relations and demonstrated success with establishing sponsorships, stewardship and donor recognition programs that sustain long-term relationships.
  • A track record as an exceptional communicator, in writing as well as verbally; adept at writing proposals, solicitation letters, donor correspondence, and other materials.
  • Demonstrated management skills in motivating, developing and managing staff and consultants, and in coordinating and supporting the fundraising activities of others; particular expertise in mentoring others, encouraging the best efforts of each member of the development team, and in modeling active solicitation is important.


The successful candidate should be:

  • An experienced, proven leader with the ability to project confidence with humility, emotional intelligence, high energy and empathy. A hands-on engaging individual who also possesses the ability to see the entire picture of the organization, its mission, its position in the community and in the arts world.
  • A mission-driven individual with a deep commitment to the mission of Blumenthal Performing Arts; a strong interest in, and passion for, the performing arts and the diverse communities of Charlotte and the region.
  • A hard worker with a high energy level; a “doer” with a willingness to work hands-on in developing and executing a variety of fundraising activities. Someone who is energized by new ideas and comfortable with a level of ambiguity and carefully calculated risk necessary to achieve new things.
  • A good listener and strategist; comfortable receiving input from many sources, and able to analyze and formulate disparate information into a sound, well-organized plan.
  • Determined yet respectful of other’s concerns; someone with the flexibility and creativity needed to find alternative ways to reach funding objectives when barriers arise; a skilled negotiator who creates new opportunities for on-going discussion when doors appear closed.
  • A charismatic communicator, able to build enthusiasm for the organization, its performances and programs, and for innovative approaches that advance the reputation of Blumenthal Performing Arts as a cultural and community-building leader in the region; exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
  • Emotionally mature with a very good sense of humor and the flexibility and sensitivity to work with diverse personalities and situations.
  • Knowledge of the arts, particularly of the performing arts, and the ability to inspire excitement about the artistic product to donors, are essential.



To apply, email resume and cover letter to Michele Counter at .