Inside Cultured Contrast, A New Art Exhibit

Jan 11, 2021 / Blog
By Kitty Janvrin

Spirit Square's gallery walls have contained the sounds of concerts, eager visitor chatter, the silence of wonder. And these walls have displayed works of southern artists who work in almost every medium. The past year, traffic through these walls may have slowed, but Knight Gallery has no shortage of incredible local work to be enjoyed virtually.

Cultured Contrast, a new visual art exhibit that you can explore in the virtual tour below, is housed in the gallery now through January 24. Thirteen artists contributed works to the installation, and all of the art is available for sale.

Cultured Contrast began as an idea to serve as "an introduction of who [the artists] are and what their style is," according to Operations Assistant Sydney Carr who curated the exhibit.

"I wanted to make it more of an experience for both the artists and the onlookers," Carr explained. "The pandemic has taken away a lot in terms I thought this was a good way to simulate being part of an experience again."

The artist line-up features Josh Henderson, Kalin Devone, DeNeer Davis, Chad Cartwright, Benjamin Moore, Garrison Gist, Makayla Binter, Michael Grant, Carla Lopez, Dammit Wesley, Owl, Justin Surgeon, and Arko. Donations are encouraged and directly benefit the artists.

Makayla Binter, who contributed 11 multimedia pieces to Cultured Contrast, is excited for viewers to experience, even if only virtually, the body of work created by local artists, all of whom Binter has worked with in the past. 

"Having the works all together in the same space is energizing," Binter said. "It shows the breadth of work, talent and mediums all chosen by various creatives in our city."

For Carr, the display of art is similarly exhilarating to see in the space. She hopes that viewers will recognize this display as just a small sample of all local artists have to offer.

"We are very lucky to be a growing city that has the presence of art. I'm hopeful that thee art scene here will be a pillar in building Charlotte up."

While the exhibit is currently closed to in-person visits, you can take a virtual tour of the exhibit:


You can make a donation to Cultured Contrast here. All proceeds go to the participating artists.