Newsies by the Numbers!

How Well Do You Know the Hit Musical?
July 27, 2016 / Blog
By Kitty Janvrin

The hit musical Newsies is sure to make headlines with its return to Charlotte August 9 - 14. Disney's energetic production comes straight from Broadway with the triumphant tale of newsboys who fought for fairer working conditions at the turn of the century, inspiring real-life reform throughout the country.

Now you can test your Newsies knowledge! Click on the letter you think is correct to reveal the answer. Once you've brushed up on these fun facts, it's time to hit the picket lines with Jack Kelly and the rest of his newsboy crew. Seize the day and buy your tickets for Newsies in Belk Theater at Bimetal Performing Arts Center.

1. What year did the actual newsboy strike occur in New York City?

a) 1899     b) 1919     c) 1889     d) 1909

2.  The Chandler & Price printing press used on stage is actually an antique! How much does it weigh?

a) 100 lbs     b) 2050 lbs     c) 1200 lbs     d) 30 lbs

3. How many backflips are done each night as part of Christopher Gattelli's Tony Award winning choreography?

a) 3    b)  13   c) 20    d) 31

4. How many of the musical numbers were written by Alan Menken and Jack Feldman specifically for the stage production?

a) 0    b) 2   c) 6    d) 12  

5. And the winner is...! Newsies won two ______ Awards (one for choreography and one for music).

a) Tony    b) Drama Desk    c) Outer Critics Circle    d) All of these

6. Extra! Extra! Approximately how many newspapers are used for each performance?

a) 50    b) 150    c) 75    d) 300


If you had 0 - 2 correct answers: You must be new to Newsies! Welcome aboard and get ready to experience non-stop energy from this cast and crew. 

If you had 3 - 4 correct answers: You're carrying the banner! While you may not have hit the front lines, you know your Newsies news!

If you had 5 - 6 correct answers: You're a true fansie! Relive the magic of this stage production at Belk Theater in August.



1. The answer is a) 1899! At the turn of the century, newsboys refused to sell papers once publishers raised prices by a dime per hundred papers. NEXT QUESTION.


2. The answer is c) 1200 lbs! Plus, the printing press is fully operational. Talk about pressing news! NEXT QUESTION.


3. The answer is d) 31 backflips! That number might make your head spin, but these newsies somehow don't get dizzy! NEXT QUESTION.


4. The answer is c) 6. Menken and Feldman composed new numbers to accompany songs from the film version. These include "The Bottom Line", "Watch What Happens", "Brooklyn's Here", and "Something to Believe In". NEXT QUESTION.

6ZacharySayleJoey Barreiro.jpg

5. The answer is d) All of these. With 23 major theatrical award nominations in 2012, it's no surprise the production was awarded the Tony for Best Choreography and for Best Original Score, as well as the Drama Desk and Outer Critics Circle awards for Outstanding Choreography and Outstanding Music. NEXT QUESTION.


6. The answer is b) 150 newspapers. The papers printed with the headline "Trolley Strike Enters Third Week" are handled very carefully so they can be used in multiple performances. The 42 sheets of paper on which the newsies dance during the riot scene are either recycled every night or given to a lucky fansie! SEE YOUR RESULTS.