Test Your Broadway Smarts: PNC Broadway Lights Series Edition

Aug 6, 2020 / Blog
By Kitty Janvrin

How familiar are you with some of Broadway's newest shows? Take our quiz to learn more about each of the seven shows in our PNC Broadway Lights Series. From musicals based on pop culture's favorite movie to reinvented revivals of classic stories and even the return of Broadway's favorite founding father, the upcoming season has comedy, drama, history and as always, the undeniable magic of the stage.



How'd you do?

10-12: You're a musical maven!

Standing ovation! You've been studying up on your stage smarts, and it shows! You clearly have a passion for Broadway.

6-9: You're making your way to Broadway.

You're definitely familiar with many of the shows in our PNC Broadway Lights Series, but there's still room for surprises when you see this thrilling line-up!

0-5: You're a Broadway newbie.

Welcome to our Blumenthal Broadway family! Don't worry; there's still plenty of time to study up before the season starts. Time to play these musical soundtracks on repeat!

Season Tickets are available now for both our PNC Broadway Lights Series and the Equitable Bravo Series. Explore the full Broadway season here.