And the grand prize winners are...




Congratulations, Aubrey and Amelia!

And thank you to everyone who participated in the Sew for the Show: Mask Design Challenge. We were blown away by ALL of your designs these past four weeks. Keep up the incredible work!

Sew for the Show: Mask Design Challenge 

July 13 - August 9

Artists, designers and creatives of all ages are invited to enter the Blumenthal Performing Arts four-week, Broadway-themed mask design challenge Sew for the Show!

Each Monday throughout the challenge, we will announce which Broadway show on our upcoming season will inspire that week’s mask theme. Participants will have until end of day the following Sunday to design, create and submit a photo of their show-themed mask.

Juried by Charlotte-area professional costume designers Angela Harris, Jason Estrada and Paula Garofalo, the winning submission from the previous week will be announced on the following Monday, along with the upcoming week’s show theme. The challenge will culminate with one final showdown between the winners from each week prior for a grand prize!

All ages are welcome to enter, and participation is free. Participants 12 years of age and under will be entered into the Sew for the Show: Young Designers Mask Challenge.

Each week’s winner from both age brackets will receive (2) complimentary tickets to opening night of the featured Broadway show. The grand prize winner will receive opening night tickets to ALL THREE featured shows!


Check out a few how-to videos below featuring our incredibly talented guest judges!



Angela Harris and her daughter Emily (a TWO-time Blumey Award winner) put together an excellent tutorial on how to make a base mask using repurposed items you have at home. 


Sew For the Show Mask Making Competition: Base Masks Using Repurposed Household Items from Blumenthal Performing Arts on Vimeo.


Jason Estrada walks us through the basics of making a face mask with a sewing machine!


Sew For The Show Mask Design Challenge: Base Masks Using a Sewing Machine from Blumenthal Performing Arts on Vimeo.


Paula Garogalo shows us how to make a base mask using a simple hand-stitch!

Sew For The Show Mask Design Challenge: Base Masks Using a Simple Hand-Stitch from Blumenthal Performing Arts on Vimeo.