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Why are events not canceled in inclement weather? 

The show must go on is not just a famous show business saying. It’s standard practice, even when weather impacts travel conditions for ticket holders. Here’s why:

Rescheduling is seldom feasible.

National tours are scheduled many months and often years in advance. The opportunity to reschedule seldom exists because the show is committed to be in other cities.

Weather is fickle.

It is difficult to predict weather accurately ahead of time. But shows must make decisions early as they typically require at least one day for load-in. Once load-in begins, shows are committed to perform because they are “in theater” with staff and equipment.

Travel conditions vary widely.

It may be raining in Rock Hill and snowing in Kannapolis. Guests come from across our region and not everyone is affected the same way.  So while a cancellation may satisfy some guests, it makes others equally unhappy. And a cancellation will disappoint EVERYONE if forecasters get it wrong and the called for blizzard turns into a dusting.

Don’t count on a refund.

When a show proceeds as scheduled, refunds will not be available since the event has met its obligation to perform. Conversely, if a show cancels, you will be refunded, and if it reschedules, you will have the option to move to the new date or receive a refund. This is standard industry practice for all major entertainment events – sports, festivals, concerts and theater – and  Blumenthal Performing Arts is not able to deviate from this standard practice without the consent of the event. Take the No Refunds language on tickets seriously.