School Shows

Blumenthal’s school show matinees invite K-12 students to experience professional theater and other creative experiences at a reduced cost, many for the first time, and offer area teachers the opportunity to explore the connections between live entertainment, arts education, and classroom curriculum. Our school shows vary each year with the number of offerings, seating capacity, and age appropriateness of show content. School matinees are often times in high demand and availability is on a first come, first served basis.


 If you are a school requesting transportation or ticket subsidies, please contact Education Initiatives Manager, Micah Deer, at .


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For more information regarding school show ticket requests, please see the questions below.

What information do I need to know before I request school show tickets?

  • Number of tickets you are requesting - note that Blumenthal Arts requires payment prior to the performance date, so please do not request tickets until you have an accurate headcount of student attendees and any chaperones and/or faculty.
  • Payment method - our school show reservation form offers several payment methods, so please know your school's preference before submitting a reservation request.

What is the standard process for requesting school show tickets?

  1. Gather necessary details prior to submitting the reservation form for your requested show.
  2. Submit the reservation form online.
  3. Within one week of submitting your request, you will be contacted by an Education team member with an update regarding the status of your school group's ticket request and next steps to confirm your reservation. 
  4. You will be invoiced for the total number of tickets in your order 30 days prior to the performance date, and your balance must be paid in full at least 2 weeks before the show date.
  5. Please note that we are not able to accommodate adjustments to your order size after your invoice has been sent. Groups are responsible for the total on the invoice regardless of the number of attendees.

How many shows can I submit requests for?

You are welcome to submit requests for as many school shows as you are interested in. However, we recommend that you only apply for the show that you feel is the best fit for your students.

We do keep an ongoing waitlist once our school shows reach their allotted capacity. If a reserved school group cancels their reservation, you will be contacted by a member of the Education team.

What information will I receive upon reservation confirmation?

We will respond to your reservation inquiry within 7 days from receipt. At that time, we will let you know if we can accommodate your ticket request or if you have been added to a waitlist. If we can confirm your reservation, we will send information at that time regarding necessary day-of details, including venue information, parking, and available spaces for lunch (not provided). Please feel free to include any accommodations needed in your ticket reservation form.

School Show Cancellation Policy

  • Blumenthal Arts Cancellation - You will be notified via email if the school show you are attending is cancelled by Blumenthal Arts due to inclement weather or for any other reason. We will refund your order in full.
  • School Cancellation - If your school group needs to cancel:
    • More than 2 weeks before the performance – Blumenthal will issue a full refund.
    • Less than 2 weeks before the performance – Blumenthal will not issue a refund.

Upcoming Events

Space Explorers: THE INFINITE

Dates: Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays mornings from October 1st to November 7th. You will be able to select several dates that work best for your group.

Times: 9:45am-11:30am OR 11:30-1:15pm

Location: The Iron District, 904 Post Street, Charlotte, NC 28208

Age level: 5th to 12th grade only. Grades lower than this are not permitted in this experience.


Blumenthal Arts is thrilled of offer field trips to the world’s largest immersive experience about space exploration. Students will take part in the first-ever spacewalk in VR, explore a 3D model of the International Space Station, and gain insight into the astronauts’ daily life orbiting Earth – just to name a few! As you may imagine, this field trip is one-of-a-kind with lots of unique details. Please review the flyer linked below in full before placing a ticket request for your group.

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Past Events

Take a look at our past highlights.


What’s COOKIN'? An explosive percussion show that sliced, diced and banged its way across the globe! Working against the clock to prepare a wedding feast, four zany chefs make a manic menu of nonstop, high-speed action that whips up into an all-you-can-eat frenzy of martial arts and Korean Samul nori drumming. Every utensil (yes, even the kitchen sink!) becomes an ingredient in a recipe for havoc and heart-pounding rhythms so irresistible, you’ll be ready for a second hilarious helping! 


The hills are alive with the sound of Black music! Experience the songs from one of the most beloved American musical classics as reimagined through an Afrofuturistic lens, lead be a dynamic group of over musicians and vocalists, including Brianna Thomas, Chareene Wade, Vuyo Sotashe, and more. The uplifting spirit of Black roots music ripples through this production, curated by jazz vocalist Michael Mwenso and producer Jono Gasparro in association with Electric Root. This company’s mission is to unite and empower communities through electrifying experiences rooted in black music with love, joy, and radical hospitality.