Junior Ambassadors Program

High school juniors and seniors can explore the various disciplines of the theater industry through BPA’s Junior Ambassadors program. This unique opportunity provides an excellent educational and hands-on volunteer experience in the performing arts as well as a peek behind the curtain. Over the course of the school year, Junior Ambassadors may serve as volunteer ushers in Blumenthal venues while attending a series of seminars, through which they will learn about the artistic and professional avenues of the arts. Also, the chance to gather in social settings will enhance their interpersonal skills, build self-confidence, and foster a network of peers and professionals throughout the year-long program. 




  • Have an Enjoyable Volunteer Opportunity!
  • See World-Class Theater!
  • Learn about Career Opportunities in the Arts!
  • Meet New Friends!
  • Scholarships!

Every year, the Junior Ambassadors program is offered with great pride and excitement from Blumenthal Performing Arts. While last year heeded significant challenges for the performing arts industry, Blumenthal is committed to relaunching the Junior Ambassador program this year in its original format but in a safe and healthy way. Largely, the program will commence with in-person seminars, socials events and volunteer opportunities, however, we are prepared to lean on virtual platforms to expand accessibility as we see fit. See below for application and program guidelines.



Information Packet


Application for all students, new and returning


Recommendation form for new students only



To apply for the Junior Ambassadors 2021-2022 program, please email your application materials to  [email protected].

Returning student application deadline is June 25.  New student application deadline is September 3.    


After a hiatus, our theater doors are preparing to reopen, and we are proud to offer the Junior Ambassadors program in new and exciting ways. Blumenthal is committed to providing educational opportunities that encourage career exploration, personal growth, mentorship, and provide a connection to the wonderful world of the performing arts.


Have questions? Contact our Special Programs Manager, Tommy Prudenti, at [email protected].


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