Queen City Comedy Fool's Fest

Apr 1 - 2, 2023
Apr 1 - 2, 2023
  • Apr 1| Saturday 12:00 PM Squeezing Comedy from Improv Workshop Get Tickets
  • Apr 1| Saturday 7:00 PM Fool's Fest Improv Showdown Get Tickets
  • Apr 1| Saturday 9:00 PM Kevin McDonald & Benji Hughes Rock Opera Get Tickets
  • Apr 1| Saturday 11:00 PM Fool's Fest Improv Jam Get Tickets
  • Apr 2| Sunday 12:00 PM Sketch Writing: One Line Premise Workshop Get Tickets
Presented By: Blumenthal Performing Arts and Queen City Comedy

Event Description

Directions & Parking

A special preferred parking rate of only $10* is available for our patrons in our designated garage.

Bank of America Center Parking Garage

  • Enter on Trade or 5th Streets between N. College and N. Brevard Streets.

The $10 rate is applicable when parked in the garage after 5pm on weekdays, Mon – Fri. If parked in the garage before 5pm, the $10 rate is void. There is no time restriction for the weekend, Sat & Sun.


  1. Pull the garage entry ticket when you arrive at the designated garage. You will need this to exit!
  2. Purchase a $10 Blumenthal exit pass at the theater or >click here to purchase in advance online. If you would rather purchase by phone, please call 704.335.1010*


  1. Insert your garage entry ticket into the yellow slot. Amount due will display on the screen.
  2. Insert your Blumenthal exit pass in the same yellow slot, with the arrow pointing at slot.
  3. Gate arm will rise and screen will display “drive safely.”

*Pre-paid parking is not available day of show.


Bring your pre-purchased parking pass with you to the show and exchange for an exit pass or purchase your exit pass at the box office or parking stations at the show.

The Booth Playhouse is located on the upper level of Founders Hall. Take the Bank of America Center Parking Garage elevator to the 6th level. Go through the Bank of America Center and cross the over-street walkway into Founders Hall. The Booth Playhouse will be on your immediate right.

Additional Workshop Information

Squeezing Comedy from Improv – A Workshop with Kevin McDonald • 12:00 PM at the VAPA Center

In this four-hour workshop, students will work with Kevin to learn his process for using improv to develop fully realized comedic scenes. Students will improvise scenes in small groups and then work with Kevin to identify a strong comedic premise, refine characters and story elements, and then improvise a new scene based on his feedback. Students learn from improvised scenes and discuss how to build the comedy from the improv, build on the characters, and create a story for new scenes.

Topics in this course 

  • Using improvisation to generate and refine ideas
  • Finding a strong sketch premise from an improvised scene
  • L´╗┐earning a new creative process from a comedy legend

Sketch Writing: One Line Premise – A Workshop with Kevin McDonald • April 2 at 12:00 PM • VAPA Center

Got a sketch idea that you’re not sure how to execute? Join Kevin McDonald of Kids in the Hall for his sketch writing workshop on January 15th! In this workshop, each student comes prepared with a one line premise for a comedy sketch (like, “What if a guy was $10 short of being a millionaire?”), then the group will break down each premise and Kevin will help you take the idea and turn it into a scene. After that, you will have the opportunity to write a comedy sketch based on your premise – and receive personal notes passed on from Kevin later via email!

Key Takeaways:

  • The opportunity to experience a “writers room” setting, with personalized feedback and direction from Kevin (a comedy icon!). Kevin McDonald has been performing and writing sketch comedy for over 30 years, and is a master at crafting hilarious and memorable sketches.
  • Learn from a pro: This workshop is a unique opportunity to receive one-on-one writing instruction and feedback from Kevin McDonald himself.
  • Complete a sketch: Bring in your one-line premise, and with Kevin’s guidance, you’ll have the option to finish your sketch and receive personal notes via email from Kevin.
  • Don’t miss this chance to learn from a comedy expert and take your writing skills to the next level. Space in this workshop is limited, so sign up now to reserve your spot! (Please note that this workshop is focused on writing and will not involve improv or performance.)


Kevin Hamilton McDonald is an actor, voice actor and comedian. Born in Montreal Canada. Drama major at Humber College, but kicked out for only being good at comedy. Enrolled in an improv class and met David Foley. They began working as a comedy team while employed as movie ushers. In 1984 they merged with another comedy team and formed The Kids in the Hall. 

He is a member of the comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall, who have appeared together in a number of stage, television and film productions, most notably the 1988–1995 TV series The Kids in the Hall. He has also been the voice of Agent Wendy Pleakley in the Lilo & Stitch franchise, Waffle in Catscratch, and the Almighty Tallest Purple in Invader Zim. He played Pastor Dave in That '70s Show. Most recently seen in the series Boys vs Girls and Disney's Amphibia.

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