Blumenthal Announces Rebranding

Jan 23, 2024 / Press Releases
By Rachel Peterson

(January 23, 2024) Charlotte, NC – Tom Gabbard announced today that Blumenthal Performing Arts, the Carolinas’ leading not-for-profit arts organization, is rebranding. Blumenthal Performing Arts is now Blumenthal Arts, a move to describe all our organization offers more accurately as a national leader in the industry across varied platforms.


“Renowned for presenting the largest Broadway season in the Carolinas, we continue to expand the definition of ‘art’ through innovative producing efforts such as the Charlotte International Arts Festival and cutting-edge immersive projects,” said Danny Knaub, Blumenthal’s Vice President of Marketing. “We wanted a name that was less limiting and more expansive of all our organization does on and off stage, in and for the community.”


Ad agency Wray Ward refreshed the logo for Blumenthal Arts based on its design for Blumenthal’s 25th anniversary in 2017. Insights Strategist Charlie Elberson had this to say about the 25th anniversary design and the new Blumenthal Arts logo: “The evolution [of the 25th anniversary logo] was sparked by many things, ranging from the architecture of the Belk Theater to the vibrant colors you'll find at any given performance on the stage. The biggest challenge was evoking all that the Blumenthal experience offers and encapsulating that into a singular mark”—the iconic “B.”


Of the Blumenthal Arts rebrand, Elberson said, “From the start, the Blumenthal brand identity needed to portray an expansive organization with many moving parts and an extensive long-range vision. With the decision to adjust the name to the streamlined Blumenthal Arts, the essence of the design centered in the letter ‘B’ was again confirmed.”


For 31 years, Blumenthal Arts has been known primarily for presenting the best of Broadway. Established as a top-ten touring market, the estimated economic impact of Broadway alone was $64MM in 2023.


Performance is at the heart of Blumenthal Arts, and that isn’t changing—but there’s more to the organization than what’s presented on stage. Its reach goes way outside the doors of its venues.


Blumenthal Arts President and CEO Tom Gabbard said, “The way Blumenthal presents art and consumers enjoy it has changed a lot. It’s becoming a wonderful mashup of different arts styles. This rebrand makes so much sense as we enthusiastically embrace this blending of performing and visual arts as seen in Immersive Van Gogh, the Charlotte International Arts Festival, and more. The public has shown us they not only want high quality arts experiences, but they want it offered in different ways and places.”


Gabbard added, “We are, in many ways, leading nationally in building out a strategy to embrace this new wave of experiential programming. We have a lot of great announcements coming soon as we blaze this new trail as Blumenthal Arts.”


Blumenthal Arts continues to invest in the local creative community and serves as a placemaker by using the arts to make a commercial difference in driving economic growth.


The record-breaking run of Immersive van Gogh sold 300,000+ tickets over 1,600+ performances, infused $40MM into the local economy, and employed 200+ people. With 78% of ticketholders being first-time attendees to a Blumenthal Arts event, it’s clear there is a hunger for this type of programming.



Charlotte audiences will soon have ample opportunities to experience all that immersive can be. The Blumenthal team continues to actively search for a new space for immersive arts in Charlotte. An announcement about plans will be made soon.


The Charlotte International Arts Festival (CIAF), a Blumenthal Arts original, is another example of genre-fluid programming. The annual festival uniquely brings together Charlotte's local and international communities with global artists in a 17-day cultural celebration filled with live performances as well as art installations, community gatherings, and food from around the world.  



Blumenthal has committed nearly $1.5MM since 2021 to support and uplift local artists, putting money directly into their pockets in support of long-term, sustained careers in the arts. Artist support alone amounted to more than $505,000 in the 2023 Charlotte International Arts Festival. Blumenthal Arts’ reach goes way outside the doors of our venues.


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Blumenthal Arts serves the Carolinas as a leading cultural, entertainment and education not-for-profit. For more information, call (704) 372-1000 or visit Blumenthal Arts receives support from the Infusion Fund and the North Carolina Arts Council. Generous support is also provided by PNC Bank, sponsor of the PNC Broadway Lights series, and Equitable, sponsor of the Equitable Bravo Series.


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