Artists in Theater

The Artists in Theaters program connects theater lovers with local art. Created to pair talented local artists with touring musical and theater productions to further integrate the Charlotte arts scene with institutional performing arts. Our impressive local artists are commissioned to create special pieces inspired by the subject matter of Broadway performances. 

The coupling of local artists with the audiences of big theatrical performances expands the awe-inspiring nature of the Broadway stories from inside to outside of the theater. 


Les Misérables



MyLoan's piece "One Nation...for ALL", (2017, life vests, whistles, paint, wood).

Born into a Buddhist household in Vietnam, MyLoan Dinh escaped her war-torn country as a child with her family. She moved between refugee camps, resettling as a sponsored family by a Lutheran Church in the Appalachian Mountains, and ultimately found a home in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her most recent paintings, sculptures, and installations draw from the shuffling, cross-cultural entaglements that comprise her experiences with faith and identity. 

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Beauty & Hope at the Intersection 

A Soldier's Play

Dammit Wesley


DAMMIT WESLEY is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses a variety of media to create large-scale works that dissect themes of Race and American Consumerism. He can be located at his studio BLK MRKT CLT in historic Camp North End.

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Race & Culture As Artistic Mediums


Dionna Bright


Photographer | Self-Portrait Artist - Dionna explores Black identity and temporality through her lens, using a Nikon camera. Photography is the medium by which she documents the complexities of Black history, existence, and potential. Her work, both through her self-portraiture and with her muses, stands to empower and represent Black culture individually, collectively, and generationally. 

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Identity and Celebration.

Jagged Little Pill


Bethany Salisbury


Wood block print, wood block and steel sculptures Video

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Dear Evan Hansen

Tara Spil


Data Driven Paintings about Mental Health Statistics Video 

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Mean Girls

Jen Hill


Pop Art/Pink Ladies Installation installation

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To Kill A Mockingbird

Will Jenkins


Photography light box installation

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Fiddler On The Roof

Mike Wirth



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Freestyle Love Supreme

Justin Ellis


Painted a Pillar in the Knight.

Dorian Williams

Painted a Pillar in the Knight

Dwayne Royall "Dooga"


Painted a Pillar in the Knight.

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See Bird Go



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Caroline Dance Committee (b-boys)


Served as B-boys for a lobby performance in the Knight.

Leah Vissers "Dragonmuffin" - b-girl host


Hosted the Lobby Performance.


Beverly Smith


Beverly Smith, a mixed fiber quilt artist and a retired IB arts teacher who taught at West Charlotte for 20 years, installed some of her intricate quilts in the lobby of Booth Playhouse for the hit musical, Waitress. As the first art gallery-style installation for the Artists and Theaters program, there was shared symbolism between the non-traditional art medium and the musical production: pie. After seeing Smith’s work at Art Basel (specifically a work in Smith’s “Uppity” series called “The Blacker the Berry”), Stallings bridged a connection to Waitress’s main character, Jenna, a pie maker. The quilt incorporates a blackberry pie but also further examines the racial context of the word “uppity.” 

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Nill Smith


Nill Smith is a painter whose art unravels the relationship between Europe and Africa, exposing their shared histories and the effects they had on humanity. During the pandemic, Smith, mentally drained from the heavy subject matter of her art, needed an escape, so she started painting cakes and pastries.

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Liz Haywood

Liz created a pie-themed graphic that was used to cover our metal detectors for the 5-week run of Waitress.


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Laurie Smithwick

Laurie live painted during our BBLA function and the media night for Waitress, creating an abstracted, bright pie painting.



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Jesus Christ Superstar

Percy King


 Percy King, a mixed media artist who crafts three-dimensional wood works, displayed some of his eye-catching pieces for Jesus Christ Superstar in March 2022. 

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What the Constitution Means to Me

Doris Kapner


Lake Norman artist Doris Kapner created an installation that sheds light on disturbing facts of domestic abuse in our country

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Ain’t Too Proud The Life and Times of the Temptations


Jaianna McCants


Jaianna McCants, a local visual artist who uses vinyl records as a canvas, created a Temptations-inspired step and repeat backdrop.

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These artists kicked off the program as they were hired to live paint during the media day opening for Wicked, our first show back in theaters during a long respite in the pandemic.

Tiffonye Wilkins


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Gil Horne Jr.


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Tajmah Alison


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Additional Creative Works

Bridgette Martin


Designed graphics for BPA metal detectors.

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Kat Sanchez


Designed graphics for BPA generator and light fixtures for festival


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Hillary Siber, Chad Cartwright

Hillary Siber, Chad Cartwright for WITCH @ Booth

MyLoan Dinh

MyLoan Dinh, curated show of artists for Moving Poet’s version Little Prince @ Booth


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